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Atmor - Electric Instant Water Heaters
The Smart Choice

The atmor heater is built to supply endless flow of hot water on demand.
By opening the control valve (tap) you activate the system, so that the flowing water is going through heating elements and come out to you at the desired temperature and flow rate. When you stop the water flow the heater will automatically disconnect itself from the power source.

The water flow rate and temperature are the outcome of two opposite factors (which are illustrated in the technical section of this site):

1. The heating power, in kW
2. The water flow rate through the system.

On top of that the heater is adding a known ΔT, which is calculated in C or F, to your convenience. It means that in colder areas or seasons either higher kW or lower flow is required to get the same water temperature.

There are two types of Electric Instant Water heaters:
Open vented - located just before the point of use and always above the point of use.
In Line - closed system, which works under pressure and can be located (almost) anywhere on the pipeline.

The decision whether to chose the first type or the second one depends a lot on the kind of usage and the specific market conditions and habits (for example the American market is pretty much an In Line market).

The Open Vented heaters are cheaper and are not working under continuous pressure. It can service only one point of use.
The In Line heaters are hidden, can be installed in a range of locations, the heating capacity is usually higher and they can service a few points of use at the same time.

Now that we understand how the system works we can easily count the advantages of using the Atmor Electric Instant Water Heaters:
1. No wastage of electricity and unused (cold) water. You heat only the consumed amount of water. You do not wait until the hot water reaches you. It's immediately available.
2. Endless hot water on demand, without waiting or running out.
3. Saving money twice: once when you buy the heater and then in each and every use, by simply heating just the consumed amount of water.
4. Saving space by having a fairly small appliance versus a bulky storage tank.
5. Environmentally oriented product, which lasts much longer than the storage tanks and most elements are recyclable.
6. No haulage and transportation. It's a carry on appliance. This is also a great advantage for the wholesalers and the retailers, who can pass on the saving to their customers.
7. No dead space allocation in the attic or basement. The heater is installed either under the sink or above the point of use and leaves free storage space.
8. No scale and mineral build up due to the fact that the water temperature is not reaching 60 C and no storage of hot water. The water is drinkable, in compliance with the WRAS, BS 6920.
9. Easy and simple installation. Although we recommend professional Installation by certified plumbers, it's a D.I.Y product, which can be self installed if full attention is given to the instructions and manual.
10. Built to meet the most advanced international standards, like the BEAB, UL, TUV, IP 44 (anti splash protection), CB, CE, ISO 9002 and above all our internal standards and requirements, which have been accumulated in the last 35 years.

All the above would lead to one simple conclusion:

This is the fastest payback program for your investment in endless flow of hot water on demand.

To summarise: you get much more for much less. That's why we say

Atmor is the Smart Choice!