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Platinum Tri Optima In-line
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Optima White Includes:
Quality Accessories.
Multi Temp. Control.
Flow Stabilizer.

Keeps Temperature Steady

Sliding Bar White
Rub Kleen White
White Hose
Multi Temp.
Multi Temperature Control
White Accessories Set
Multi Temp.

Further Information:

  • Easy to install shower pack. Features built-in temperature heat setting dial and water flow control (tap) - Anti-scald thermostat-Atmor unique heating chamber system which helps ensure constant temperature and better power economy.
  • Shower accessories include; sliding rail, soap tray, shower hose, hand rose & small inlet hose.
  • Heater is installed at point of use inside the shower cubical above head height with sliding rail and shower accessories lower.

Code: INWHOPT7 (7kw Unit)
Code: INWHOPT8 (8kw Unit)